“replaces 14+ softwares

“powerful sales & marketing automation

“everything you need to run a business

One Platform to Replace
All Your Expensive Softwares

All-In-One WhiteLabel Sales & Marketing Automation Platform for SMBs & Agencies offering Website Builder, CRM, Marketing Automation, Chatbot and more.

At Every Stage of the Funnel, Unleash the Full Potential

Replaces 14+ Softwares


Generate leads with High-Converting Landing Pages, Surveys, Forms, Calendars, Inbound Phone Systems & more!


Nurture your leads & remind them about your business with automated emails, text reminders, forced calls, voicemails and more!


Close more clients with Sales CRM, Pipeline Automation, Lead Scoring, Attribution, Payment Invoicing and more!


Gain customer’s insight, gather feedback, and enhance their experience with Tracking, Support & more!

Market, Sell, Support

Transforming marketing, amplifying sales, strengthening support with GlideCampaign 🚀

All-in-One Solution

A comprehensive suite of marketing tools to streamline campaigns, automate processes, analyze data, and nurture leads.



Streamline Your Sales Process

Equip your team with the necessary tools to optimize sales operations with a powerful CRM, pipeline management, automation, and reporting for efficient sales



Centralized Customer Assistance Hub

Deliver exceptional customer support with shared inbox collaboration, AI-powered chatbot assistance, ticket management, and seamless integration.



GlideCampaign Is Everything
Your Agency Needs To Succeed

GlideCampaign is

Your Landing Page Builder

Our beautiful website template library gives you one click creation of your websites to capture leads and sales

With Your New Website and Funnel Builder, you can...

GlideCampaign Replaces:
100+ Website Widgets
Form Builder

GlideCampaign is

Your Form Builder

Forms are the lifeblood of every business. Without forms, you can’t sell products or collect leads online

With our Form Builder, you can...

GlideCampaign Replaces:

GlideCampaign is

Your Email Marketing Platform

Effortlessly stay on top of the customer’s mind by sending personalized emails at the right time

With our Email Marketing System, you can...

GlideCampaign Replaces:
Email Marketing platform

GlideCampaign is

Your Automated Calendar

Automatically books leads and prospects to your calendar without lifting a finger

With our Appointment Calendars, you can...

GlideCampaign Replaces:

GlideCampaign is

Your Sales & Task Pipelines

Sales is king; without pipelines, your leads slip through the cracks and you lose a bunch of money

With our Pipelines, you can...

GlideCampaign Replaces:
sales and task pipelines
Automation flow

GlideCampaign is

Your Automation Flow

If you’re not automating your sales outreach, marketing, lead flow, and more, then you’re doing busy work

With our Automation Flows, you can...

GlideCampaign Replaces:

GlideCampaign is

Your CRM

Getting customers is great, but the key to turning them into fans is building a relationship

With our Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), you can...

GlideCampaign Replaces:
Unified chat

GlideCampaign is

Your Unified Chat

Turn your customers into fans by communicating with them wherever they are

With our Unified Chat, you can...

GlideCampaign Replaces:

GlideCampaign is

Your Professional Phone

Listen, when your customers call your business phone number, you need to wow their socks off

With our Phone System, you can...

GlideCampaign Replaces:
Professional Phone
SMS Marketing

GlideCampaign is

Your SMS Marketing System

98% of customers open SMS, and it’s time you keep your customers engaged to increase sales

With our SMS Marketing System, you can...

GlideCampaign Replaces:

Ready to Automate your Sales & Marketing?

GlideCampaign automates your processes, saving time and boosting efficiency. Experience features like intuitive CRM, targeted email marketing, and seamless integration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is GlideCampaign?

GlideCampaign is a comprehensive marketing automation and CRM platform that streamlines your marketing efforts and improves sales outcomes. With its white-label capabilities, you can offer this platform to your clients under your own branding.

What features does GlideCampaign offer?

GlideCampaign offers a suite of tools including CRM capabilities, email and SMS marketing, AI Chatbot, a sales funnel builder, appointment scheduling, and much more.

Can you handle the load?

Absolutely. GlideCampaign is powered by Amazon, AWS Global Accelerator, and a proprietary multi-CDN. We're fault-tolerant, distributed, highly available, and ready for anything you can throw at us.

Are support and updates included?

YES! We're constantly adding updates to GlideCampaign for free, and we offer email, chat, and Zoom support sessions. Since we're hosted in the cloud, you don't have to worry about updates. You automatically get the latest and greatest updates.

What is meant by white-label capabilities?

White-labeling allows you to offer our platform to your clients under your own brand. This means you can integrate GlideCampaign into your existing services, enhancing your product offering without investing in development.

What do I receive as part of this whitelabel?

The partner will receive an entirely white labeled instance of GlideCampaign, with your logo, domain, fonts, and colors. An Admin Portal where you can view all users and manage customers. Resource material to help you sell more.

Can I set up my pricing plans?

Yes. Once you sign up as a white-label partner, we will create pricing plans as per your specifications and connect them with your payment gateway so that the subscription amount is automatically captured by customers.

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