Streamlined Communication and Improved Efficiency

Efficiently manage incoming calls, guide callers with interactive menus, record and transcribe voicemails for improved communication

Phone System

Actionable Call Analytics

Efficient Routing

Efficient Routing

Direct incoming calls for improved handling and customer satisfaction

Automated Menus

Automated Menus

Engage callers with interactive menus for easy navigation and assistance

Secure Recordings

Secure Recordings

Capture and store calls securely for quality assurance and compliance

Transcribed Voicemails

Transcribed Voicemails

Automatically convert voicemails to text for convenient review and response

Actionable Insights

Actionable Insights

Gain valuable metrics to optimize call center performance and enhance customer service


Efficient Call Routing

Seamlessly direct incoming calls to the right department or team member for exceptional call handling and customer satisfaction.


Automated Voice Menus

Engage callers with interactive voice menus to guide them through options and connect them to the desired information or department.

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AI Chatbot

AI Chatbot (ChatGPT)

Chat (Website, Email, Social, SMS)

Landing Page builder

Landing Page & Website Builder

Web Forms

Calendar Booking

Automation workflows

Automation Workflows


membership tiers

Membership Site

Payments and invoicing

Payments & Invoicing



Phone System

Phone System

Tracking and Reporting

Phone System Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does call routing work?

Call routing directs incoming calls to the appropriate department or team member based on predefined rules or criteria.

Can I set up custom interactive voice menus?

Yes, you can create personalized voice menus to guide callers and help them navigate through options and reach the right destination.

How long are the call recordings stored?

The duration of call recordings storage depends on your configuration settings and storage capacity.

Can voicemails be automatically transcribed?

Yes, GlideCampaign's phone system provides automated voicemail transcription, making it easier to read and respond to messages.

Can I access call analytics to track performance

Absolutely, call analytics provide valuable insights into call volume, duration, and other metrics to optimize performance and improve service.

Can I integrate the phone system with my existing CRM?

Yes, GlideCampaign offers integration capabilities with popular CRM platforms, allowing seamless data synchronization between systems.

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