ChatGPT: AI Chatbot Trained for Your Business

Engage Visitors with a Customized Chatbot, Powered by Your Website Content

Your Personal AI Chatbot

Trainable AI Assistant

Easily train the chatbot based on your website content, no coding required

Lead Generation & Automation

Capture and qualify leads, automate follow-ups through email, SMS, and more

Instant Response Engine

Deliver swift answers within seconds, accelerating lead conversion and customer satisfaction

Multi-Channel Communication

Engage with visitors through two-way SMS messaging, extending beyond chat widgets

Seamless Human Collaboration

Smoothly transition between AI and human agents for optimal support and assistance


Engage and Assist Your Visitors with a Smart and Responsive Chatbot

Engage visitors and provide instant support with our AI chatbot. Boost customer satisfaction, qualify leads, and enhance user experience effortlessly.


Train Your Chatbot with a Click

AI Chatbot easily trains itself on your website content, eliminating the need for complex bot building processes.


Qualify Leads and Automate Follow-ups

AI Chatbot engages visitors, qualifies leads by asking questions, and automates follow-up marketing through various channels.


Swift and Responsive Answers

AI Chatbot provides instant responses within seconds, ensuring a rapid speed-to-lead and improved customer experience.


Multi-Channel Personal Assistant

AI Chatbot engages visitors, qualifies leads by asking questions, and automates follow-up marketing through various channels.


Seamlessly Handoff Conversations

AI Chatbot’s Human Rollover feature allows smooth transitions between AI and human agents, ensuring optimal support.

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AI Chatbot

AI Chatbot (ChatGPT)

Chat (Website, Email, Social, SMS)

Landing Page builder

Landing Page & Website Builder

Web Forms

Calendar Booking

Automation workflows

Automation Workflows


membership tiers

Membership Site

Payments and invoicing

Payments & Invoicing



Phone System

Phone System

Tracking and Reporting

AI Chatbot Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the AI Chatbot feature in GlideCampaign?

The AI Chatbot feature in GlideCampaign is an automated conversational tool powered by OpenAI (ChatGPT) that allows businesses to engage with website visitors and provide instant support.

How can the AI Chatbot benefit my business?

The AI Chatbot feature can benefit your business by providing 24/7 customer support, automating responses, capturing leads, increasing engagement, and enhancing user experience.

Can I customize the AI Chatbot's appearance?

Yes, you can customize the AI Chatbot's appearance to align with your brand. GlideCampaign offers options to customize the chatbot's colors, fonts, and even add your logo.

Can the AI Chatbot understand different languages?

Yes, the AI Chatbot can be trained to understand and respond in multiple languages, allowing you to cater to a diverse range of visitors and customers.

How does the AI Chatbot learn and improve over time?

The AI Chatbot in GlideCampaign incorporates machine learning algorithms that learn from user interactions and continuously improve its responses based on the feedback received.

Can the AI Chatbot handle complex customer queries?

Yes, the AI Chatbot is designed to handle both simple and complex customer queries. It can be trained to provide specific responses based on different scenarios and user inputs.

Can I integrate the AI Chatbot with other systems or platforms?

Yes, GlideCampaign allows integration of the AI Chatbot with various systems and platforms such as CRM tools, email marketing software, and e-commerce platforms for a seamless customer experience.

Can the AI Chatbot hand off conversations to human agents?

Yes, the AI Chatbot can be programmed to hand off conversations to human agents when necessary, ensuring a seamless transition and personalized assistance.

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