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Create and download your own virtual contact file (VCF) card with our easy-to-use VCF Card Generator. Input your contact details and any social media profiles you’d like to include, and we’ll generate a VCF file for you to share. Perfect for networking and making new connections. Try it out now!
Create Your VCF Card
Use the form below to create a virtual contact file (VCF) card with your name, email, and social media profiles.
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A virtual contact file (VCF) card is an electronic business card that contains your contact information. It’s typically used to share contact details in a format that’s easy to import into an address book or contacts list.
Simply fill in your contact details and any social media profiles you’d like to include in the form provided on the VCF Card Generator page. Once you’re done, click “Download VCF” to generate and save your VCF file.
At a minimum, you should include your name and email address. You can also include your phone number, job title, organization, and any relevant social media profiles.
The VCF file generated by the VCF Card Generator is in standard VCF format, which is supported by most email clients and address book programs.
You can share your VCF card by simply attaching the generated VCF file to an email or text message. You can also share the file via cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive.
We take privacy and data security very seriously, and all personal information entered into the VCF Card Generator form is transmitted over a secure connection. We do not store or share your personal information with any third parties.
Yes, you can use the VCF Card Generator to create VCF cards for commercial purposes. However, please note that the VCF Card Generator is provided as-is and we do not provide any warranties or support for commercial use.
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