Expand Revenue with your own WhiteLabel Saas Platform

Add a new income stream for your business by introducing your very own white-label saas platform. Within a week, your exclusive platform will be fully set up and ready to generate fresh revenue for your business.
white label saas

New Product. New Revenue.

We provide you with our ready-to-use white-label saas platform and all the assistance you need to easily build, control, and expand your chatbot business. Experience the freedom and flexibility of running your own saas empire without the trouble of starting from scratch.
Earn revenue

Increased Revenue

Increase your income by offering a new product to your current customers, and at the same time, expand your total addressable market (TAM).


Instead of creating a platform from scratch, it’s more affordable to use a white-labeled one. Save money and earn more by opting for white-label saas.

Time to market

A shorter time to market enables you to sell more and work less. As a saas reseller, you can concentrate on selling to specific customers while the white-label saas platform handles everything else.

Why choose GlideCampaign as your White Label SaaS?

your platform

Your platform. Your logo. Your colors.

We customize a version of GlideCampaign specifically for your business, keeping your brand in mind. On the white-label saas platform, your customers will only see your logo, domain, colors, and fonts. Additionally, all the emails sent from the platform will have your branding, ensuring a fully immersive and seamless experience for your customers.

Design your own pricing plan

With GlideCampaign, partners have full control over how they set prices for their customers. They can determine which features are included in each plan, and the payment gateways handle the rest by managing subscriptions and invoicing. Our goal is to empower our partners with the freedom to make their own business choices.

Build on top

Build on top of what our product offers

We recognize that businesses may have unique needs, so we develop custom features for GlideCampaign based on your specific requirements. Our dedicated engineering team handles the entire software development process, ensuring a seamless and tailored white-labeled saas platform that meets your business’s needs from start to finish.

Regular product updates and instant support

We deliver all the latest feature updates and bug fixes for GlideCampaign to you. Our service team works around the clock to ensure that your platform remains operational and handles any outages or crashes. 

Ready to Automate your Sales & Marketing?

GlideCampaign automates your processes, saving time and boosting efficiency. Experience features like intuitive CRM, targeted email marketing, and seamless integration.

White Label SaaS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is GlideCampaign's name visible anywhere on the whitelabel?

GlideCampaign's branding (logo, brand name, etc.) is absent from all platform aspects, including the domain, logo, copy, documentation, and ema.

What do I receive as part of this whitelabel?

The partner will receive an entirely white labeled instance of GlideCampaign, with your logo, domain, fonts, and colors.An Admin Portal where you can view all users and manage customers. Resource material to help you sell more.

Can I set up my pricing plans?

Yes. Once you sign up as a white-label partner, we will create pricing plans as per your specifications and connect them with your payment gateway so that the subscription amount is automatically captured by customers.

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