Connecting the Facebook Conversion API / Pixel (CAPI)

Create a New Meta Data Source Pixel #

You must have a Meta Ad Manager Account. Open your Ad Manager Account Navigate to Meta Events Manager and then click on “Connect Data Source

Next, select “Web” and click “Continue”

Now give your Pixel a Name

Next, you will get a popup to check for a “Partner Integration”, simply close this popup

Generate Access Token For Your Pixel #

Now your Pixel is created and we can start connecting to it. First, click on your new Pixel under Data Sources and then click ‘Settings” and then “Generate access token”

Next, you will need to copy TWO things on this page that we will need for later; #

1) The ID number of the Pixel
2) The new token that was generated in the Blue Box. 

Tell Meta What Conversion Events and Data to Collect With Your Pixel #

Launch the Wizard #

Insert your text hereNow we have to tell Meta what type of events we want to track such as “Purchase”, “Add to Cart”, “Lead”, and more.

Go ahead and click on the “Get Started” button under Settings to launch the step-by-step wizard

Now click “Continue”

Select Your Events #

In this step, we have to select the Events that are important to your business. These events match the flow of your Funnel. If you’re selling products or services online your events will probably look like this;

View Content → Add to Cart – > Initiate Checkout → Contact→ Add Payment Info → Purchase

Select the Data to pass to Meta #

Meta can use some identifiers you pass then to improve how Meta can match up Conversions. The more data points Meta has available to match a Facebook user who saw your ad. 

On this page check the boxes of the data you want to share with Meta.

Review Setup #

On this page, we are confirming all the events we set up are correct. If the details are correct please click “Continue”

Close the Setup Wizard #

Now you can click “Continue Pixel Setup” where you will see a popup with pixel instructions.

Copy the “TEST Event Code” #

Now under “Test Events” you will see a test event code like in the image below. Please copy and paste this code for the next step

Enable the Facebook Integration in your System to Connect to your new Pixel #

Now that Facebook/Meta is all set up we can connect your System to it using the Facebook Integration.

Simply navigate to; Settings → Integrations → Tracking → Facebook Conversions

Then click “Enable”

Watch the setup video for the final step #
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