How can I take control of chat from Bot to Human?

In the AI Chatbot platform, you can easily take control of a conversation from the chatbot and hand it over to a human agent, or vice versa, by changing the conversation status. Here’s how:

  1. From chatbot to human: If you want a human agent to handle a conversation currently managed by the chatbot, change the conversation status from “Pending” to “Open”. This will allow the human agent to take over the conversation and provide personalized assistance to the user.
  2. From human to chatbot: If you want the chatbot to resume handling a conversation that a human agent was managing, change the conversation status from “Open” back to “Pending”. The chatbot will then continue managing the conversation and assist the user with their queries or tasks.

In order to change the status of the conversation:

  1. Select the specific conversation: From the list of chats, click on the conversation you want to update. This will open the chat transcript and related options.
  2. Change the status: Locate the status dropdown menu on the top right side of the conversation window. Click on the dropdown menu and select the new status you want to assign to the conversation (e.g., “Pending”, “Open”, “Snooze”, or “Resolve”).

By changing the conversation status, you can ensure that each interaction is handled efficiently, either by the chatbot or a human agent, providing a seamless and satisfactory user experience.

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