How to create a login page for a membership site?

Select or create a page you want to use as the login page. In this case, we will be using the membership site with premade pages including a login page.

Under the page manager, click the edit icon on the login page.

Click on the Add Blocks icon indicated by the plus sign on the top left of the builder. Drag the Login Form from the Membership Sites option into your page.

Make your page functional by adding it to an application.

Click on the Apps icon indicated by the jigsaw piece on the top left of the builder.

Under Applications, you will see the members app if you used the Membership template in creating a website.

Click “Add Pages” to add them to the application. Select the Login Page then hit Save.

Click Publish on the top right.

Create an address for your site, or use your own domain. Click Next

Make sure Website Hosting is ticked, you can use email sending if you like. Click Next

Finally, select any of the options available to you.

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