How can I Retrain my Chat Bot?

You can retrain your chatbot by updating training data. The training data area is located in the “Advanced Settings” tab. Here’s the process for retraining your chatbot using the training data:

  1. Access the AI Chatbot section: Click on “AI Chatbot” in the left menu bar to view the list of available chatbots.
  2. Select your chatbot: Click on your desired chatbot’s name to access its settings and configuration.
  3. Open advanced settings: Click on the “Advanced Settings” tab to view more detailed settings for your chatbot, including the training data management area.
  4. Update the training data: Retraining your chatbot involve:
    • Adding new intents, entities, or examples to cover more user queries.
    • Refining existing intents or entities by updating their definitions or providing more training examples.
    • Removing any outdated or irrelevant intents, entities, or examples.
  5. Save changes: Once you have made the necessary updates to the training data, save your changes. This will typically trigger the chatbot platform to retrain the chatbot using the updated data.
  6. Test the chatbot: After retraining, test your chatbot to ensure that it’s providing accurate responses and effectively handling user queries. Make any additional adjustments to the training data as needed.

Check more details here how to test your Bot Responses: How can I test my Chat Bot results?

By following these steps, you can retrain your chatbot in the AI Chatbot platform using the updated training data in the “Advanced Settings” tab to improve its performance and provide a better user experience.

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