Event Greeting in an Automation Flow

Event Greeting in an Automation Flow? #

Wait For Amount of Time #

You can find this item in the Logic Section and is basically used for many things such as sending the Customer a New Year Greeting SMS/Email, Scheduled Meeting, Birthday wishes, or anything else. It can be used for multiple scenarios but in this case, we are using it for a greeting message or wishing New Year.

Save & Send SMS/Email #

When you have completed the Wait for Amount of Time Step you can send the SMS or an Email. This will send the customer a New Year Wish on the specific date.

Assigning the Flow to the Contact #

Once the Flow is created you need to assign the Flow to Contacts. At the moment we don’t have a specific Trigger for such events or Wishing Happy New New Year so in this case you need to assign the contacts manually to the Flow.

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