How can I connect the lead form with AI Chatbot?

In AI Chat Bot, users can create a Lead Capture form by following these steps:

  1. Open your chatbot’s settings by clicking on “AI Chat Bot” in the left menu bar and selecting your chatbot.
  2. Create a new Lead Capture skill by navigating to the “Skills” section and selecting “Lead Capture” as the skill type.
  3. Choose a form from the list of available forms. If you don’t see any forms in the list, it’s likely because you haven’t created one yet.
  4. To create a new form, go to the “Database” section in the left side menu, and click on “Forms.”
  5. Click on “Create Form” button to start building a new form using the drag-and-drop form builder.
  6. Design your form, add the necessary fields, and save it.
  7. Return to the Lead Capture skill in your chatbot’s settings and select the newly created form from the list.
  8. Save the skill with the chosen form.

Now, your AI Chat Bot is ready to capture leads using the custom form you created.

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