AI Chat Bot Dashboard

The AI dashboard provides a range of useful metrics to help you understand how your chatbot is performing. In this help doc, we’ll explore five key features of the dashboard: Data Activity, Total Conversations, New Leads (Contacts), Number of Bots Active, and Recently Conversations.

  1. Data Activity: The Data Activity section of the dashboard provides an overview of your chatbot’s performance over time. You can see how many conversations have taken place, how many messages have been sent and received, and how many contacts have been added. This section is useful for tracking the overall activity and engagement levels of your chatbot.
  2. Total Conversations: The Total Conversations metric shows the total number of conversations your chatbot has had with users. This includes both active and closed conversations. This metric can help you gauge the popularity and effectiveness of your chatbot.
  3. New Leads (Contacts): The New Leads (Contacts) section shows how many new contacts have been added to your chatbot’s database. This includes any users who have initiated a conversation with your chatbot and provided their contact information. This metric is useful for tracking the growth of your chatbot’s user base.
  4. Number of Bots Active: The Number of Bots Active metric displays the number of chatbots that are currently active on your account. If you have multiple chatbots set up, this metric can help you keep track of how many are currently running.
  5. Recently Conversations: The Recently Conversations section displays a list of the most recent conversations that your chatbot has had with users. This can be useful for quickly reviewing recent interactions and identifying any issues or trends that may need attention.

The AI dashboard provides a wealth of valuable information to help you monitor and optimize your chatbot’s performance. By understanding these key metrics, you can make informed decisions about how to improve your chatbot and enhance the user experience.

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