How do I link a Nav Menu item to a specific location on the same page?

For email #

This is a good place to draft a generic email response to this question that can be quickly copied and pasted by any member of your support team. Example: 

Hi [NAME],

You’re not alone! A few other users have reported this issue too. If you refresh the page by hitting Command + R, your images should be restored. Please let me know if this doesn’t do the trick and we can explore other solutions. Hope it helps! 



For Twitter #

Draft a version of your response for social media here. Example:

Uh oh! Never fear, if you reset the page using Cmd + R, your images should show up right away. Sorry about that! 😅

Example questions #

Whether you’re using Intercom or regular email to handle support queries, you can collect links or screenshots showing how this question has been asked. Example:

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