How to enable SMS alerts for missed calls?

Steps to enable SMS alters for missed calls #

Add a phone number #

Our system provides VoIP services. You can buy a number inside the system or port any existing number to the system.

Create a call flow #

Add the ‘Transfer Call’ step #

Please, add the ‘Transfer Call’ step under the ‘Phone’ section.

And configure it as per your requirements.

Please, make sure you have selected your extension to transfer the calls.

Now, we have two options for the transfer call step.

Once the call is transferred, you can simply connect that option to the ‘Hangup Call’ step if you don’t need any other steps.

Add the SMS Send step #

For the ‘No Answer’ Step, you need to add the ‘SMS Send’ step to get an SMS notification.

To use this step, you need to enable SMS service for the VoIP numbers.

Here you will get the option to configure the SMS step.

You can choose the ‘Custom Phone Number’ option to send a notification to any number.

Now, save and publish the flow if you don’t need any other steps.

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