Types of Automation Flow

When you start building a flow, the system allows you to select the type of data that you want to process.

If you don’t have a form yet, then you won’t get the ‘Form Submission’ option

If you don’t have a phone number yet, then you won’t get the ‘Incoming Phone calls’ option

1. Contacts – Automations that run on Contacts already in your system. Triggered either manually or based on events such as task status changed, payment processed, etc.

2. Form Submissions – Automations that are triggered in real-time automatically when a form is submitted. Create auto-responders, order fulfillment, lead assignment, and other automation.

3. Incoming Phone Calls -Automations that run on an Incoming Phone Call. Create interactive voice menus, trigger emails, SMS, or dynamically route phone calls based on conditions.

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