How to add tags for my Leads/Contacts by an automation flow?

A form with standard fields such as First name, Last name, Email, and Phone used to collect user/client information is called a lead form. You can also add more fields as needed.

Once the users submit the form, the system will create a contact or lead in your account automatically. If users submit this form more than once, the system may create duplicate contacts for each submission. To avoid duplicates, create a flow that is linked to your lead capture form.

1. Go to Automation and create a flow that’s triggered on form submission.

2. Add the “Add/Remove Tag” step to the “Data Service” section of your flow.

Here you will get the option to add and remove tags.

If you select the ‘Remove Tag’ option, the system will provide you with a list of all the existing tags on the next dropdown element.

Finally, save the step settings, connect all the steps, and publish the flow.

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