What is the conversation status?

In the AI Chatbot platform, conversation statuses help you organize and manage your chatbot and human-agent interactions effectively. The platform provides four distinct conversation statuses:

  1. Human (Open): This status indicates that a conversation is currently being handled by a human agent. These conversations may require personalized attention, assistance that the chatbot cannot provide, or a more in-depth understanding of the user’s query.
  2. Bot (Pending): This status represents conversations that are being managed by the chatbot. These conversations typically involve queries that the chatbot is equipped to handle, such as answering frequently asked questions, providing general information, or completing small tasks.
  3. Resolved: Conversations marked as “Resolved” are those that have been successfully addressed and closed. Both the chatbot and human agents can mark a conversation as resolved once the user’s query or concern has been addressed satisfactorily.
  4. Snoozed: The “Snoozed” status is applied to conversations that have been temporarily paused or put on hold. This can occur when additional information is needed, when waiting for a user’s response, or when a human agent needs to follow up on a query at a later time.

By utilizing these conversation statuses, you can effectively manage and monitor the interactions between your chatbot, human agents, and users. This helps ensure that user queries are addressed efficiently and that your chatbot provides a seamless and satisfactory user experience.

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