How To Create An App For Your Website

Open your mobile browser and navigate to your website.

Once the website is loaded, tap on the “Share” button or icon. It usually looks like an upward arrow or three dots connected by lines and located in the top right of your mobile browser.

From the sharing options that appear, tap on “Add to Home Screen” or “Add to Homescreen.”

You will then be prompted to customize the name of the shortcut. You can rename it to anything you prefer, but it’s recommended to keep it short and descriptive.

After renaming the shortcut, tap on the “Add” or “Add to Home Screen” button to save the shortcut to your home screen.

The shortcut will then be added to your home screen, usually as the last icon or on the last page. You can move the shortcut to your desired location by tapping and holding on the icon, and then dragging it to your preferred spot.

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