What is meant by “All Agent Handoff To Human” toggle option in chat bot creation?

The “All Agent Handoff To Human” toggle option in chatbot creation refers to a setting that, when enabled, directs all incoming user queries to a human agent instead of the AI chatbot handling the conversation. This option can be useful in situations where you want to prioritize human interaction over automated responses for a more personalized and accurate user experience.

When the “All Agent Handoff To Human” option is enabled, the chatbot will act as a pass-through, routing all user messages to a designated human agent or support team for handling. This can be particularly helpful in cases where you expect complex or sensitive queries that require human expertise or judgment.

On the other hand, when this option is disabled, the chatbot will attempt to handle user queries autonomously, using its AI capabilities to understand user inputs, generate responses, and manage the conversation flow. Human agents may still be involved if the chatbot is unable to provide a satisfactory answer or if the user specifically requests human assistance.

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