How to create products/subscriptions?

An e-commerce product listing is any product available to purchase electronically online. Most product listings in a retail e-commerce environment are either Business to Consumer (B2C) or Consumer to Consumer (C2C). Any business that lists its products on its online storefront is usually targeting a specific audience to purchase. However, consumers can also create product listings for their possessions on sites such as eBay or Facebook Marketplace.

Steps to create products #

Load product builder #

Navigate to the product builder by clicking the “Payments” on the left side menu. Then when you have the database page open you will see a link to “Products” on the top of your page, please click that.

Open product editor #

Please, click on the ‘Add Product’ button to create products.

Put Product Title & Description #

Add product picture #

Put Product Pictures By Click on + Sign

Add product price #

For Price Click on + Sign

You can put the price here & set up according to your requirements

Finally, save the product.

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