Setup Identity Verification on the Website Chat Widget

What is Identity Verification? #

Identity Verification ensures conversations between you and your Users are kept private, and that one person can’t impersonate another. This is done by passing a secure identifier of your Contact/Lead/Customer.

Open Your Inbox Settings #

Grab the Identity Verification Secret #

Use the Example Chat Code Below #

Make sure to replace the “websiteToken” and the example hash value “1234567891234” in the snip-it below.

(function(d,t) {
        var BASE_URL="";
        var g=d.createElement(t),s=d.getElementsByTagName(t)[0];
        g.defer = true;
        g.async = true;
            websiteToken: 'ABC123ABC123',
            baseUrl: BASE_URL
          window.$chatcloud.setUser("{$}", {
            name: "{$user.firstname} {$user.lastname}", 
            avatar_url: "", 
            email: "{$email}", 
            identifier_hash: "{$}”,
            phone_number: "", 
            description: "", 
            country_code: "",
            city: "",
            company_name: "",
              crm_contact_id: "{$}"

FYI: If you’re generating the “identifier_hash” from a third-party app, you will need to use sha256 to hash the User ID with the Hash Secret. Here is an example;

hash_hmac('sha256', $user_id, $hash_secret);
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