Notify the Customer before the Scheduled Meeting.

How to Notify the Customer Before the Scheduled Meeting? #

Basics of Flow #

Trigger is an essential part of the Automation Flow which drives the Flow. Trigger Menu is where you can edit the name of the Flow and Add a Trigger. 

Wait For Amount of Time #

You can find this item in the Logic Section and is basically used for informing the Customer just before the Scheduled Meeting whether it could be weeks, days, or even minutes. It can be used for multiple scenarios but in this case, we are using it as a reminder for the Scheduled Meeting.

Finally, Save & Send SMS/Email #

When you have completed the Wait for Amount of Time Step you can send an SMS or an Email. This will notify the Customer about the that is Scheduled in the 2 days. You can repeat the Steps again by adding the Wait for Step and an SMS/Email about tomorrow’s Meeting.

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