Transfer a call to External Number & Setup Call Whisper

How to Transfer a Call to an External Number & Setup Call Whisper? #

What is Call Whisper? #

Call Whisper involves playing a message to the callee while the caller continues to hear ringing. It can provide additional information such as the source or purpose of the call to the callee before the call begins and even allow the callee to accept or reject the call based on that information.

How to Set Call Whisper in Call Transfer? #

Call whisper will be used during Transfer a Call using Transfer Call Step Under Flows. 

You can follow the below steps to set up your call whispering:

1. Select Transfer Call Step from the Phone
2. Under the Transfer Call step you will find many options to set up your Transfer. 
3. Go to the “Require Confirm Key Press To Complete Transfer” step to setup your whisper

    If you select a Confirm Key the call will not be transferred until the receiving party answers and presses this Key on their keypad. This will allow the call to continue down the flow instead of going to voicemail or provide the receiving party the option to not take the call if they are busy

Select your Press Key to setup call whisper:

Once you select your KEY you will find another option below to set up your whisper on Transfer

In the above image, you can see that I have selected PRESS KEY 1 to complete Transfer and also set up whisper “New Lead From Facebook Ad” during Transfer.

When the receiving party answers the call transfer they can hear some custom audio telling them where the call is coming from. The caller will not hear this message. 
Example: “New Lead From Facebook Ad”

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