How to send an email broadcast

There is no specific section for broadcasts, instead, we are going to send an email using flows, which is great for tracking purposes. We will create the flow first, including the email, then use tags to put all contacts into the flow.

1. Go to Automation Flow

2. Create a new Flow

3. Click on Add new workflow trigger in the white box inside the flow editor

4. Select Tag Added as the Workflow Trigger Type 

5. Select the tag for the flow you want as a trigger, for this example, we are using Broadcast, hit Add Trigger to save.

6. On the left sidebar, click on “Messaging”, then drag “Send Email” onto the flow diagram. Customize everything to do with your email in the right sidebar.

7. Next, click on “Data Services” in the left sidebar, find “Add/Remove Tag” and drag it onto the flow diagram. You want to remove the tag that you created earlier in step 5. E.g. “Broadcast”

8. Connect “Tag Added” to “Send Email” then to “Add/Remove Tag, then to “Deactivate Contact From Flow. Hit Save on the top right corner

9. The final step is to add the tag from step 5 to all your contacts, so they’re all included in the flow.

Go to Contacts on the left sidebar, click the checkbox in line with “Name”, then just above that, click “Add Tag”

Your email is now being sent to all contacts unless they have DND enabled. Emails are not sent instantly to every single email address, they are throttled by mail servers so as to appear more natural. The larger your list, the longer it will take to send. This is determined by your email provider.

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