How do I send an Email Newsletter?

Navigate to “AutoFlows” and click “Create Flow

Under the “Messaging” section, drag and drop the “Send Email” step.

The system will allow you to configure that step.

Load the Visual Email Builder

In the Email Info navigate to the bottom and click the “Edit Email” button.

The system will load the email-building editor. Now, click on the “Visual Email Builder“.

Design and complete your newsletter.

Click on the “Action” button and click on the “Save as Template” button.

Now, set a name for the template and save it.

Click the “Save” button to close Visual Email Builder.

Click “Save” again to finish creating an email newsletter.

Navigate to “Contacts“, select all of the contacts, or put a checkmark on any contact that you want to add to the Newsletter Flow.

Click “Add to Flow” and there will be a pop-up to add your created flow.

Select Flows and there will be a dropdown select Newsletter Flow and click OK.

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