How to use Chatbots with DialogFlow?

Create a Google DialogFlow Bot #

Your DialogFlow bot is going to process the Chat messages via an “Agent” and then return a response in the Chat. To do this we first need to define an “Agent” with Google.

Create a New Agent #

Please navigate to and click “Create New Agent”.

You can also start from one of Google Pre-built Agents here

Create New Intent #

Create “Intents” with DialogFlow that tell your Bot what to listen for and how to respond.

Create a “Handoff” intent that will route the chat from the bot to an agent.

In this example we just created one “Talk to a human” intent that will pass the conversation to a human. Normally you would add more intents here to create many types of Bots from FAQ bots, order taking bots, and more

Create a Google Service Account #

To connect your Chat with DialogFlow you need to create a “Service Account” with Google here

Click the “Create Service Account” Button.

Name your Service Account and give it an ID (you can name it anything).

Now select the Role of “DialogFlow API Client” for this Service Account.

Create Security Access Keys for your Service Account #

For the Chat system to connect to your new Google Service Account we need to generate an Access Key. Inside your new Service Account you will need to click to open the setting for your new Service Account first.

Then click the “Keys” tab.

Then click “Create New Key”

On the next popup, you will make sure the “JSON” option is selected and then click “Create”.

Enable the DialogFlow Integration #

Now that you have a new Chatbot created in DialogFlow and a ServiceUser to connect to that Chatbot you need to enable the DialogFlow Chatbot integration. For this, we need to know the Google “Project ID” and the contents of the “JSON” file from the previous step.

Navigate to “Integrations” > “AI” > “Dialog Flow”

Next, enter the
Project ID
JSON Key File Contents
And Select the Inbox you want to use the Bot with in the Dropdown

Congratulations! You have successfully connected your ChatBot!
Make sure the Chat widget is installed on your website and start chatting to test it.

Please note when testing your Chatbots that only NEW conversations will trigger the bot. After a “Handoff” occurs to a human the bot will never be triggered again for that contact and conversation
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