How can I test my Chat Bot results?

In the AI Chatbot platform, you can test your bot’s responses using the chat window within the bot settings. Here’s the process to test your chatbot:

  1. Access the AI Chatbot section: Click on “AI Chatbot” in the left menu bar to view the list of available chatbots.
  2. Select your chatbot: Click on your desired chatbot’s name to access its settings and configuration.
  3. Test your chatbot: On the right side of the bot settings page, you should see a chat window where you can interact with your chatbot. Enter user queries or messages and observe the chatbot’s responses to ensure they are accurate and relevant.
  4. Evaluate the chatbot: During testing, assess the chatbot’s performance in understanding user inputs, generating appropriate responses, and maintaining conversation flow.
  5. Make adjustments: If you identify any issues or areas of improvement, return to the chatbot settings or training data to make the necessary adjustments, and then test the chatbot again.

By using the chat window in the AI Chatbot platform’s bot settings, you can test your chatbot’s responses and make any necessary adjustments to improve its performance and user experience.

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