How to avoid duplicate contacts when submitting a form?

A lead collecting form is a form within the system that includes standard fields such as First Name, Last Name, Email, and Phone number, used for collecting information from users/clients. And you are also allowed to add more fields as per your requirements.

When your users submit this form, the system will automatically create a contact/lead under your account. Sometimes, if your users submit this form multiple times, the system will duplicate contacts for each submission event. To prevent this duplication, you need to create a flow attached to your lead-collecting form.

How to avoid creating duplicate contacts? #

1. Go to Automation > Create a new trigger on Form Submission

2. Add ‘Lookup Contact’ under ‘CRM’ to your flow.

Configure the step

You can use different contact fields to find what you’re looking for.

Note: Avoid using ‘Contact ID’ as the lookup choice. This field is always unique for each contact.

You can set multiple fields as conditions by clicking the ‘Add Field’ icon.

You can set the relation between conditions.

Save the settings for the steps, connect them, and publish the flow.

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