How to set up an email drip campaign?

Steps to create an email drip campaign #

Load the flow builder #

Navigate to the flow builder by clicking the “Flows” on the left side menu. Then when you have the flow page open you will see a link to “Flows” on the top of your page, please click that. Click on the ‘Create Flow’ button.

Drag and drop to build flow #

Drag and drop elements on the flow builder to add steps

Use the ‘Wait For Amount of Time’ step #

Under the ‘Logic’ section, you will get the ‘Wait For Amount of Time’ step. This step allows you to create a time gap in the drip campaign.

Please, configure the step as per your requirement.

Use the ‘Send Email’ step #

Under the ‘Messaging’ section, you will get the ‘Send Email’ step

Please, configure it as per your requirement.

By the combination of these two steps ‘Wait For Amount of Time’ and ‘Send Email’, you can build your email drip campaign.

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