How to manage switcher size in the website builder

1. First, You have to click on the Website tab from the left side.

2. Click on create a new project or if you have an existing project then open it directly without creating, If you have to create a project then the next step is to click on create button. 

3. The new pop-up is open for your window, Save the name of your site as you want.

4. Here is the new window open for you, Please click on + button.

5. After clicking the + button here another new window is open for you. Click the empty page or any other template that you wish.

6. Click on the + button from the top left corner, Then drag and drop to switcher into your form where you want to place.

7. Click on the center of both tabs and you can see the menu bar of the switcher, Click on the setting tab and increase or decrease your size as much as you need.

8. Save your setting your process is complete.

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